Atlas, 2017
    I complete a series of tasks inspired by the twelve labors of Hercules. Each activity was documented and later became a source of content. This collection of artifacts was used to create 16 spreads to be included in Et. AL, a book produced and self-published by the Graphic Design MFA cohort.
    This week coincided with Hurricane Irma’s landfall on Cuba and Florida. As a result, many of the things I gathered reflect a preoccupation with home, my heritage, and hurricanes. To represent this chaotic mood, I printed out all of my images, cut them out and collaged them together. I then photocopied and scanned these compositions using movement to distort the outcome. With each round of feedback, I added to the existing form by layering changes on top of each other. The finished piece juxtaposes images to create visual rhymes between seemingly disparate objects.