March 8, 2018
Newsprint, 13.5 x 22”

    This piece is a reconstructed newspaper that features only images of people published in the New York Times on Wednesday, March 8th, 2018. The photos are arranged by size (largest to smallest) that they appeared in the real newspaper, and by frequency. White men featured alone are featured the most, followed by white men in groups, men of color, men and women together, white women, and lastly women of color. There is no text, only small numbers counting the number of images below each photograph. The arrangement of the photos exposes the shocking observation that there are 37 images of one white man versus two only two images of women of color. By presenting images in this way, the viewer can also observe trends in the representation of each group of people. Men of color are pictured in areas of conflict, cooking, or as athletes, and women are usually shown as fictional characters or in the obituary section.